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AEP Energy offers an array of pricing plans and services than can be tailored to your business’ needs and usage patterns to maximize savings and reduce your bottom line. Let our energy experts provide guidance and creative solutions to assist you in choosing the right energy product to fit your business’ risk and price preferences. As a customer of AEP Energy, you'll enjoy access to complimentary tools and services like PriceView and PowerPerks that may help you save even more money. Request a quote today!

Fixed Price Plan

Firm Price Plan

Firm price products are the perfect solution for businesses of any size who seek budget certainty. This plan stabilizes electricity supply components at a set firm price and limits customer exposure to potential rising market conditions.
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1For Ohio only, pursuant to PUCO Case No. 14-568-EL-COI and PUCO guidelines, the retail electric product herein is being defined as “Variable”.


  • Firm price components over a set period of time
  • Limits exposure to potential rising energy market conditions 
  • Flexible term lengths
  • Secure price over a long term
  • Interval metering not required

Index Price Plans

Index Price Plans

Index products are ideal for medium to large businesses who want to maximize flexibility. This price plan is perfect for businesses who can adjust their electricity usage according to market conditions. This plan is also suited for businesses who are expecting significant changes in their usage patterns.
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  • Price transparency
  • Ability to react to market price signals quickly
  • Most suited for customers tolerant of market price changes over the agreement term
  • Convert to firm contract when market is right for you

Block & Index

Block & Index Price Plans

Block & Index products are ideal for businesses with low-to-medium tolerance for risk. These plans provide customers the flexibility to hedge their energy requirements through one or multiple block transactions at the customer’s discretion. Each block transaction may cover periods ranging from one calendar month to multiple calendar months; choose between On-Peak, Off-Peak and Around-The-Clock hours.; also select between firm or pass-through components. Our firm price is for the consistent, ‘base load’ of energy combined with an index price for the remainder. 
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  • Budget stability on the firm load
  • Lock hedged blocks when energy prices support your budget
  • Hedge against market exposure
  • Flexibility firm or pass-through components
  • No load following premiums

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Electricity supply plans are offered in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. We also provide energy management services nationwide.